Volume 48, Fall/Automne 1998

Table of Contents

Front Matter
Editorial / Éditorial
Garth Wilson

Small Craft / Embarcations

John Summers
Hallie E. Bond
Reassembly of a Sixteenth-Century Basque Chalupa
Charles D. Moore

Ships and Shipbuilding / Navires et construction navale

Brad Loewen
David McGee
Scott Muir Stroh
Le Marco Polo, un navire canadien de renommée mondiale au milieu du XIXe siècle
Daniel La Roche

Coastal Communities / Communautés côtières

Paula J. Johnson
Nicolas Landry

Pictures and Portraits / Images et portraits

Laura Brandon
Patricia Bellis Bixel

Cultural Traditions / Traditions culturelles

Alberto Baldi
Maurice Duval
Michael McCaughan

Media Reviews / Comptes rendus de média

Recent Media Treatments of the Titanic Tragedy
John Wilson Foster

Exhibit Reviews / Comptes rendus d'expositions

Edu-tainment and the Museum: A Cautionary Tale
Robin Inglis

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres

Eileen Reid Marcil, Tall Ships and Tankers: The History of Davie Shipbuilders
John G. Arrison
Jamie Benidickson, Idleness, Water and a Canoe: Reflections on Paddling for Pleasure
Hallie E. Bond
Richard Hoffmann, Fishers' Craft and Lettered Art: Tracts on Fishing from the End of the Middle Ages
Wendy R. Childs
John Szarkowski and Richard Benson, A Maritime Album: 100 Photographs and Their Stories
N. Lyles Forbes
Robin Fisher and Hugh Johnston, From Maps to Metaphors: The Pacific World of George Vancouver
Anne Godlewska
John E. Barnard, Building Britain's Wooden Walls: The Barnard Dynasty, 1697-1851
Daniel G. Harris
Peter E. Pope, The Many Landfalls of John Cabot
Olaf Uwe Janzen
Peter Watts and Tracy Marsh, W. Watts & Sons Boat Builders: Canadian Designs for Work and Pleasure, 1842-1946
Steve Killing
Wayne M. O'Leary, The Tancook Schooners: An Island and Its Boats
David A. Taylor
Julian Mannering, ed. The Chatham Directory of Inshore Craft: Traditional Working Vessels of the British Isles
David A. Walker
Contributors / Collaborateurs
Back Matter