Volume 42, Fall/Automne 1995

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Editorial / Éditorial


Gerald T. Conaty, Barry Agnew
Carl Benn
René Chartrand
Jonathan F. Vance
Hugh A. Halliday
Laura Brandon
Bonita Bray
Bill Rawling
Peter Krenn, Paul Kalaus, Bert Hall

Exhibit Reviews / Comptes rendus d'expositions

National Building Museum, Washington, D.C., World War II and the American Dream: How Wartime Building Changed a Nation
Annmarie Adams
Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature, Remembering Our Warriors: A Tribute to Manitoba's First Nations Veterans
Sharon McLeod-Martin

Film and Video Reviews / Comptes rendus de films et vidéos

Picturing World War II: The Visual Record and Its Legacies
Barbara Abrash
Personal Documentary: War and Memory
Patricia Aufderheide

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres

Technical Determinism: Examining the Armour in Armoured Warfare
R. H. Caldwell
Paul Fussell, Wartime: Understanding and Behaviours in the Second World War; Michael D. Doubler, Closing with the Enemy, How GIs Fought the War in Europe 1944-1945
Martin Kitchen
Gaynor Kavanaugh, Museums of the First World War: A Social History
Desmond Morton
René Chartrand, Canadian Military Heritage; Jacques Bodin, L'histoire extraordinaire des soldats de la Nouvelle-France : gouvernement, vie en garnison et campagnes militaires en Acadie, au Canada et en Louisiane aux 17e et 18e siècles
Bernard Pothier
Desmond Morton, When Your Number's Up: The Canadian Soldier in the First World War
Peter Simkins
Contributors / Collaborateurs
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