Volume 30, Fall/Automne 1989

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Diane Tye
Jennifer Trant
A. B. McCullough
Ken Mather

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche

Musées d'agriculture et recherches sur les anciennes techniques rurales en France
Jean-René Trochet
Saint Anne's Chapel, Fredericton, New Brunswick: A Living Exhibit of Material Culture
Peter Malmberg

Reviews / Comptes rendus

James Parker, Emporium of the North: Fort Chipewyan and the Fur Trade to 1835
Graham A. MacDonald
Margaret McBurney and May Byers, Tavern in the Town: Early Inns and Taverns of Ontario
Graham A. MacDonald
Robert Legget, Ottawa River Canals and the Defence of British North America
Robert W. Passfield
Suzanne Zellers, Inventing Canada - Early Victorian Science and the Idea of a Transcontinental Nation
James P. Hull
Stephen Gillis and John Gillis, No Faster Than a Walk; Lyn and Richard Harrington, Covered Bridges of Central and Eastern Canada
Karol K. Partridge
Le rôle des intervenants dans la communication muséale : l'exemple du Musée de la civilisation à Québec
David Theiry Ruddel

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves

Call for Papers
Programmes in Material History: Centre for Material Culture Studies at Memorial University; Material History at the University of New Brunswick
Research Bibliography: The Development of Parks and Playgrounds in Selected Prairie Cities, 1880-1930
Contributors / Collaborateurs
Issues Published / Numéros publiés
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