Volume 41, Spring/Printemps 1995

Table of Contents

Front Matter
Editorial / Éditorial
Adrienne Hood


Linda Hutcheon
Peter Bischoff
Philippe Maurice
Michelle Comeau

Exhibit Reviews / Comptes rendus d'expositions

Les maisons de la culture de la Ville de Montréal, La culture italienne, lieux et mémoire
Sylvana Villata
Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature, Winnipeg 1919: A City in Crisis. A 75th Anniversary Exhibit on the Winnipeg General Strike
James Naylor
Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto
Steve Prystupa

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres

Kevin Walsh, The Representation of the Past: Museums and Heritage in the Post-Modern World
Duncan Ferguson Cameron
R. Louis Gentilcore, et al (eds.), Historical Atlas of Canada, Vol. II, The Land Transformed 1800-1891
Donald Swainson
Barrie Trinder (ed.), The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Industrial Archaeology
Larry McNally
Robert Bud and Susan E. Cozzens (eds.), Invisible Connections: Instruments, Institutions and Science
Randall C. Brooks
Peter Freund and George Martin, The Ecology of the Automobile
Christopher Andreae
National Archives of Canada, Treasures of the National Archives of Canada
Helge Kongsrud
Roger Hall, Gordon Dodds and Stanley Triggs, The World of William Notman: The Nineteenth Century Through a Master Lens
John E. Carter
Katharine A. Lochnan, Douglas E. Schoenherr and Carole Silver (eds.), The Earthly Paradise: Arts and Crafts by William Morris and His Circle from Canadian Collections
Gillian Naylor
Contributors / Collaborateurs
Back Matter