Volume 39, Spring/Printemps 1994

Table of Contents

Front Matter
Editorial / Éditorial
Robin Inglis

Forum / Colloque

Hervé Gagnon


Anne Hayward
Nancy Cox
Mark LaFrance

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche

Les sciences naturelles au Québec : la persistance d'un engouement
Claire Marcil
Philomène's Peacock
Elizabeth Sifton

Conference Reports / Rapports de colloque

Museums and Women's History
Sharon Reilly
Material Culture, the Shape of the Field
Adrienne D. Hood
Childhood - Playtime?
Peter E. Rider

Exhibit Reviews / Comptes rendus d'expositions

Canadian Museum of Civilization, Panache: Nineteenth-Century Ladies' Fashion
Kerridwen Harvey
The Art Gallery of Ontario, The Earthly Paradise: Arts and Crafts by William Morris and His Circle from Canadian Collections
Michael Large

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres

Richard W. Unger, The Art of Medieval Technology: Images of Noah the Shipbuilder
Boye Meyer-Friese
David Goodman and Michael Redclift, Refashioning Nature: Food, Ecology and Culture
Brian Osborne
David E. Nye, Electrifying America: Social Meanings of a New Technology, 1880-1940
Louise Trottier
Paul Nathanson, Over the Rainbow: The Wizard of Oz as a Secular Myth of America
Jeffrey A. Brown
Jessica H. Foy and Thomas J. Schlereth (eds.), American Home Life, 1880-1930: A Social History of Spaces and Services
Annmarie Adams
Eilean Hooper-Greenhill, Museums and the Shaping of Knowledge
Gerald L. Pocius
Gerald L. Pocius (ed.), Living in a Material World: Canadian and American Approaches to Material Culture
Gregg Finley
Contributors / Collaborateurs
Back Matter