Volume 26, Fall/Automne 1987

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Front Matter
A Tribute from Her Colleagues and Friends / Un hommage de ses collègues et amis
Farewell, Good Luck! / Adieu et bonne chance!
Results of Bulletin Surveys / Résumés des sondages


Robert B. Klymasz
Jacques Mathieu, Georges Pierre Leonidoff, John R. Porter
Ronald W. Hawker

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche

Artifact Survivals from Pre-Loyalist EngJish-speaking Settlers of New Brunswick
M. A. MacDonald
The McWilliam House Hallway: A Painted Room in Drayton, Ontario
Nancy Lou Patterson

Reviews / Comptes rendus

Museum of the History of Medicine and the Mother-Child Project, Inc., "Mother and Child: History of Mothering from 1600 to the Present"
Katherine Arnup
New Brunswick Museum, "Reflections of an Era: Portraits of 19th Century New Brunswick Ships"
Eileen Reid Marcil
Ian M.G. Quimby (éd.), The Craftsman in Early America
W. John McIntyre
Environment Canada, Parks Canada, Christ Church Cathedral, National Historic Site: 1983
Cynthia Wallace-Casey
Contributors / Collaborateurs
Issues Published / Numéros publiés
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