Volume 29, Spring/Printemps 1989

Table of Contents

Front Matter
Robert B. Klymasz


John C. Lehr
David J. Goa
Stella Hryniuk
Peter Melnycky
Radomir B. Bilash

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche

Crosses of East Slavic Christianity among Ukrainians in Western Canada
A. M. Kostecki
Settling in: Tools and Farming Techniques of the Early Ukrainian Pioneers
Michael Ewanchuk
Documenting Ukrainian-Canadian Churches in Alberta
Diana Thomas
Ukrainian Grave Markers in East-Central Alberta
Bohdan Medwidsky
Contemporary Ukrainian-Canadian Grave Markers in Urban Southern Ontario
Enrico Carlson-Cumbo
A Ukrainian Church Exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Civilization
Brad Loewen
Building the Little House on the Prairies: Ukrainian Technology, Canadian Resources
Roman Fodchuk

Research Notes / Notes de recherche

Ukrainian Folk Medicine in Canada
Andrea K. Klymasz

Exhibition and Collections / Expositions et collections

"A Woman's Work": Curator's Report
Olya S. Marko
The Ukrainian Museum of Canada
Vera A. Nokony

Viewpoints / Points de vue

Ukrainian-Canadian Folk Furniture and the Marketplace
Jim Shockey
Ukrainian Antiques?
Michael Rowan
Icons: Theology in Colour
Sister Angelica Hodowansky
Contributors / Collaborateurs
Issues Published / Numéros publiés
Back Matter