Volume 25, Spring/Printemps 1987

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Elizabeth W. McGahan
Colin M. Coates
Ann Gorman Condon

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche

Canadian Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers Advertisement Index 1847-1942
Tom Brown

Research Notes / Notes de recherche

Mills, Factories and Craftshops of Ontario, 1870: A Machine-Readable Source for Material Historians
Elizabeth Bloomfield, Gerald Bloomfield

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves

Federation of Nova Scotian Heritage Conference "Rum by Gum"
Gregg Finley
"Wallpaper in Canada, 1600s-1900s,"

Reviews / Comptes rendus

Glenbow Museum, "Metis"
Jean Friesen
Environment Canada, Parks, Batoche National Historic Park, Phase I
W. A. Waiser
Royal Ontario Museum, "Canada's Handwoven Heritage"
Susan Burke
Vancouver Museum, "Captain George Vancouver: A Voyage of Discovery"
Douglas Cole
Robert C. Wheeler, A Toast to the Fur Trade: A Picture Essay on Its Material Culture
Jean Morrison
P. A. Buckner (éd.), Teaching Maritime Studies
Mary Ellen Herbert
Books Received / Ouvrages reçus
Notice / Avis
Contributors / Collaborateurs
Issues Published / Numéros publiés
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