Volume 20, Fall/Automne 1984

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Jocelyne Mathieu
Alison Prentice

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche

Advertising Canadian Pianos and Organs, 1850-1914
Frances Roback
L'habillement traditionnel au début du XIXe siècle
Luce Vermette
Le rôle de la tonnellerie dans la réglementation de la pêche au début du XIXe siècle
Eileen Marcil
Directory of Canadian Manufacturers, Bicycle Industry, 1880-1984
Anita Rush
Dealing with an Industrial Monument: The Borden Bridge
David Neufeld
The Use of Primary Documents as Computerized Collection Records for the Study of Material Culture
Claudia Haagen

Forum / Colloque

The Limitations of Material History: A Museological Perspective
Robert D. Turner
The Concrete Clio: Definition of a Field of History
Peter E. Rider

Reviews / Comptes rendus

Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature, "Concerning Work"
David Flemming
National Museum of Man, "Of Men and Wood"
Robert H. Babcock
Parcs Canada, région du Québec, "Québec: port d'entrée en Amériquie"
David-Thiery Ruddel

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves

Material History and Museums: A Curatorial Perspective in Doctoral Research
Gregg Finley
Reflections of an Image Finder: Some Problems and Suggestions for Picture Researchers
Hilary Russell
Papers Completed in North American Decorative Arts Graduate Course, University of Toronto, 1968-1982
Janet Holmes
Tool and Trades History Society
Barbara Riley
Contributors / Collaborateurs
Issues Published / Numéros publiés
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