Volume 19, Spring/Printemps 1984

Table of Contents

Front Matter
"Industrious in Their Habits: Rediscovering the World of Work"
D. A. Muise


Hilary Russell
Ian Radforth
W. John McIntyre
Marilyn J. Barber

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche

Inventory of Secondary Manufacturing Companies in Alberta, 1880-1914
Sandra Morton
Waterloo Region Gardens in the Germanic Tradition
Nancy-Lou Patterson
"Now this Indenture Witnesseth...": Some Comments on the Use of Chattel Mortgages in Material History Research
H. T. Holman

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves

Reviews / Comptes rendus

Costume in Canada: An Annotated Bibliography
Jacqueline Beaudoin-Ross, Pamela Blackstrock
Canadian War Museum, "The Loyal Americans"
John Brooke
Newfoundland Museum, "Business in Great Waters"
James Hiller
McCord Museum, "The Potters' View of Canada"
Lynne Sussman
Elizabeth Collard, The Potters' View of Canada: Canadian Scenes on Nineteenth-Century Earthenware
Robert Copeland
Eileen Marcil, Les Tonneliers du Québec
Peter N. Moogk
Contributors / Collaborateurs
Issues Published / Numéros publiés
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