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Atlantic Geoscience (originally Maritime Sediments, subsequently Maritime Sediments and Atlantic Geology, and, more recently, Atlantic Geology) covers all aspects of the geoscience of Atlantic Canada and related areas. It publishes papers, notes, and discussions on original research and review papers, where appropriate to the regional geoscience.  


What's in a Name?


The 2021 volume (#57) of "Atlantic Geology" is now complete - you can see the contents at https://journals.lib.unb.ca/index.php/ag/issue/view/2254.  Beginning with Volume #58, we have a new name - Atlantic Geoscience!  The change to "Atlantic Geoscience" is the fourth in the long history of the journal, and like those before it, intended to reflect the evolution of our science.  The new name emphasizes the wide range of topics covered by the journal, and we hope assures all geoscience researchers that their work broadly related to the Atlantic region is welcome.    


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