Atlantic Geoscience moves to Open Access


The Editors of “Atlantic Geoscience” are happy to announce that the journal will adopt the Diamond Open Access publication model beginning with Volume 61 in 2025.  The change was approved by the Council of the Atlantic Geoscience Society at their meeting on April 4, 2024.  Beginning in 2025, papers published in the journal will be immediate open access with no embargo period.  Papers published in 2024 (Volume 60) will continue to have an embargo until one year after their publication date when they become open access (the current model). The change to Diamond Open Access is being done in collaboration with Érudit, a major Canadian dissemination platform both national and worldwide (  In the Diamond Open Access publication model, journals are non-profit; authors are not required to pay to publish and readers are not required to pay to access the journal.  Érudit is a strong supporter of open access with the philosophy that knowledge should be accessible to everyone.  Their stated goal is to find the most practical and equitable way to enable funded research to be published in immediate open access.  Hence most journals associated with Érudit are moving toward open access, and Atlantic Geoscience is pleased to move to that publication model.  Nothing will change in the manuscript submission, review, and publication process.