About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Atlantic Geoscience (originally Maritime Sediments, and subsequently Maritime Sediments and Atlantic Geology, and, most recently, Atlantic Geology) covers all aspects of the geology of the North Atlantic region (ISSN 2564-2987).  It publishes papers, notes, and discussions on original research and review papers, where appropriate to the regional geology. Atlantic Geoscience is published by the Atlantic Geoscience Society.

Peer Review Process

It is understood that manuscripts submitted to Atlantic Geoscience are not being considered for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts submitted to Atlantic Geoscience are sent to a minimum of two reviewers who assess each manuscript on the basis of normal scientific criteria such as originality, quality of the science, and quality of written material and illustrations, as well as the appropriateness of the material for a regional journal. The reviewers can choose to remain anonymous if they so wish. A panel of associate editors selected by the editors assists in soliciting and reviewing manuscripts. Normally, the manuscript will be handled by the editor most qualified to assess the scientific content. The final decision on acceptance and rejection rests with that editor.

Acknowledgment of Reviewers.

Publication Frequency

Atlantic Geology publishes articles and meeting abstracts as soon as they have been through the review and editing process. Page numbers are assigned sequentially. Articles ready within each calendar year are assigned to the volume corresponding to that calendar year (v. 49 corresponds to 2013). Subscribers who have also ordered paper copies will be mailed the entire hardcopy volume at the end of the year when it is complete.

History and ISSN

Production of Atlantic Geoscience has continued uninterrupted since 1965. Originally established to promote the study of ancient and modern sediments in the Atlantic Provinces, the journal broadened it scope in 1981 to cover all aspects of Atlantic and Appalachian geology. In 1987 the Atlantic Geoscience Society adopted Atlantic Geology as its official journal. The editorial board is appointed by the Society.

The ISSN number has changed several times in the history of the journal, as summarized here "for the record":

Maritime Sediments (1965-1980) ISSN 0025-3456

Maritime Sediments and Atlantic Geology (1981-1988) ISSN 0711-1150

Atlantic Geology - Print version (1989-2021) ISSN 0843-5561

Atlantic Geology - Online version (2006-2021) ISSN 1718-7885

Atlantic Geoscience - Online (2022-xxxx) ISSN 2564-2987