Volume 8, March 1979

Table of Contents

Front Matter
Barbara Riley
Remarks at the Opening Session of Canada's Material History: A Forum
F. J. Thorpe


Culture matérielle et histoire: l'étude des genres de vie au Canada
Jean-Pierre Wallot
Multidisciplinary Dimensions in Material History
John J. Mannion
Toward a Three-Dimensional View of the Canadian Past: Can Material History Take Us There?
Robert D. Watt
Tangible Social History: The Ontario Furniture Collection of the National Museum of Man
Elizabeth Ingolfsrud
Un projet sur l'histoire de la culture et de la société Québécoises
Jean-Pierre Hardy, Thiery Ruddel
The Incarnation of Meaning: Approaching the Material Culture of Religious Traditions
David J. Goa
Sources archivistiques concernant la culture matérielle
Luce Vermette
Seeing is Believing? A Critique of Archival Visual Sources for Material Culture Research
Lily Koltun
Oral History and the Study of Material Culture
Gerald L. Pocius
Artifacts as Sources for Material History Research
W. John McIntyre
Material History in Great Britain: Present Developments and Future Trends
Alexander Fenton
L'histoire de la culture matérielle en France : Progrès récents et recherches futures
Joseph Gov
Material Culture Studies in America: Notes Toward a Historical Perspective
Thomas J. Schlereth
Training to Work in a Canadian Museum: A Museum Approach to Material History Studies
Marie Elwood
Un passé en quête d'avenir
Paul-Louis Martin
Back Matter