Volume 51, Spring/Printemps 2000

Table of Contents

Front Matter
Editorial / Éditorial
Gerald Pocius


Marcel Moussette
Christina Bates
Danièlle Dossetto

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche

With Love from the Trenches: Embroidered Silk Postcards of the First World War
Pat Tomczyszyn
Costumes du monde: réinterpréter le patrimoine matériel
Gérald Baril

Conference Reviews / Rapports de colloques

Winterthur Museum's 1999 Winter Institute: A Review
Antoinette Duplessis

Exhibit Reviews / Comptes rendus d'expositions

The Newfoundland Museum, St John's, Possessions: A Collection in Progress
Paul J. Gruchy

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres

Richard Panek, Seeing and Believing: How the Telescope Opened Our Eyes and Minds to the Heavens
Randall Brooks
Christopher A. Andreae, Lines of Country: An Atlas of Railway and Waterway History in Canada
R. John Corby
Karen Dubinsky, The Second Greatest Disappointment: Honeymooning and Tourism at Niagara Falls; Linda May Ballard, Forgetting Frolic: Marriage Traditions in Ireland
Rhona Richman Kenneally
Robert Fox, ed., Technological Change: Methods and Themes in the History of Technology
David McGee
Siân Jones, The Archeology of Ethnicity
Marcel Moussette
Jeremy Black, Maps and History: Constructing Images of the Past and Maps and Politics
Brian S. Osborne
Contributors / Collaborateurs
Back Matter