Volume 7, Spring/Printemps 1979

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R. Bruce Shepard
John Adams

Reviews / Comptes rendus

Marylu Antonelli and Jack Forbes, Pottery in Alberta: The Long Tradition.
D. R. Richeson
Eileen Collard, publications on clothing in Canada.
Katharine B. Brett
Mary Conroy, 300 Years of Canada's Quilts.
Leslie Maitland
Alexander Fenton, Scottish Country Life.
J. Lynton Martin
Ellen J. Gehret, Rural Pennsylvania Clothing.
Adrienne Hood
Jean-Pierre Hardy, Le forgeron et le ferblantier.
Jean-Claude Dupont
Howard Pain, The Heritage of Upper Canadian Furniture.
Donald Blake Webster
Mary Shakespeare and Rodney H. Pain, West Coast Logging: 1840-1910.
Warren F. Sommer
Deborah Trask, Life How Short, Eternity How Long: Gravestone Carving and Carvers in Nova Scotia.
Gerald L. Pocius

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves
Carol Laidlaw, Peter Kaellgren, Ruth A. Jackson, Judith Tomlin, Suzanne Lacasse Gales, Olive Jones, Frances Roback, F. J. Thorpe
Contributors / Collaborateurs
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