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Contributors / Collaborateurs

Contributors / Collaborateurs

John Adams, formerly Curator of Heritage Village, Burnaby, B.C., and now Museums Advisor for British Columbia, wrote his Master of Museology thesis on the Clayburn Company and the architecture of Clayburn village.

Katharine B. Brett is Curator Emeritus of the Royal Ontario Museum.

Louise Décarie-Audet, chercheur en culture matérielle à la Direction de l'archéologie et de l'ethnologie, travaille sur les artefacts mis au jour dans les fouilles de la Place Royale.

Jean-Claude Dupont est Directeur du Centre d'études sur la langue, les arts et traditions populaires des francophones en Amérique du Nord, Université Laval.

Suzanne Laçasse Gales travaille à la collection de réserve de la Division de présentation de Parcs Canada.

Adrienne Hood is completing a research project on nineteenth-century, handwoven, Canadian fabrics for use in reproductions.

Ruth A. Jackson is Curator of Decorative Arts, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Olive Jones is a material culture researcher with National Historic Parks and Sites, Parks Canada.

Peter Kaellgren is a Curatorial Fellow in the European Department, Royal Ontario Museum.

Carol Laidlaw works in the Collections Administration Department of the New Brunswick Museum.

Leslie Maitland, an Architectural Analyst with the Canadian Inventory of Historic Building, wrote her Master of Museology thesis on samplers in Ontario, 1783-1900.

J. Lynton Martin, Director of the Nova Scotia Museum, researched and developed the agricultural collection at the Ross Farm Museum of Agriculture, New Ross, N.S.

Gerald L. Pocius is a lecturer in Folklore and Archaeology, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

David Richeson is Western Canada Historian at the History Division, National Museum of Man.

Frances Roback is Assistant Curator in the Cultural History Department, Glenbow Museum.

John Sheeler's research in Canadian glass has included the original work on the Ontario Glass Works, Kingsville, Ont., and assistance at the Burlington and Napanee excavations.

R. Bruce Shepard has an M.A. in History from the University of Saskatchewan and is Manager of the Saskatoon Branch of the Western Development Museum.

Warren F. Sommer is Assistant Curator at Heritage Village, Burnaby, B.C.

F.J. Thorpe, Chief of the History Division, National Museum of Man, has written an article on Samuel Holland to appear in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, vol. 5.

Judith Tomlin is Curatorial Assistant in the History Division, National Museum of Man.

Donald Blake Webster, Curator of the Canadiana Department, Royal Ontario Museum, is preparing a two-volume publication on English-Canadian furniture of the Georgian and the Empire and Victorian periods.