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Vol. 48 (2021)
Published February 23, 2022

MUSICultures is the scholarly journal of The Canadian Society for Traditional Music / La Société canadienne pour les traditions musicales. It is a refereed journal that is published annually under the auspices of the Society.

MUSICultures publishes original articles in English and French on a wide range of topics in ethnomusicology, traditional music research, and popular music studies. The Journal welcomes articles on music in Canadian contexts as well as music in global and transnational contexts. The Journal also publishes reviews of books, and sound and visual recordings. Please contact the Editor about submitting reviews.

Articles: Canada's University Music Programs

Nathan Hesselink, Heather Sparling
171 - 177
Introduction: Music in Canadian Higher Education – Institutional Histories and Entanglements
Requires Subscription PDF
Julia Byl
178 - 204
Free-Range Sound Waves: Public Music and the Conditional Institution in Alberta
Requires Subscription PDF
Nathan Hesselink
205 - 233
From Point Grey to Little Mountain: Connections and Intersections between UBC Music and Little Mountain Sound
Requires Subscription PDF
James Kippen
234 - 254
Ethnomusicology at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto
Requires Subscription PDF
Sterling Beckwith
255 - 275
Remembering Toronto’s Upstart Startup
Requires Subscription PDF
Kyle Devine, John Shepherd
276 - 291
On Popular Music Studies in Canada: An Interview with John Shepherd by Kyle Devine
Requires Subscription PDF
Sylvie Genest, Guy Vanasse
292 - 322
L’intégration des musiques traditionnelles et commerciales aux études universitaires : l’expérience uqamienne (1969-2020)
Requires Subscription PDF (Français (Canada))
Monique Desroches
323 - 342
Le développement de l’ethnomusicologie à l’Université de Montréal : une dialectique entre recherche et enseignement
Requires Subscription PDF (Français (Canada))
Chris McDonald
343 - 365
Exploring Community-Based Alternatives: Vernacular Music and Higher Education in Cape Breton
Requires Subscription PDF
Beverley Diamond
366 - 379
Struggling Towards Decolonization in Canadian Music Schools
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