Triassic palynoevents in the circum-Arctic region


  • Gunn Mangerud Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen, Allégaten 41 N-5007, Bergen, Norway
  • Niall W. Paterson CASP, West Building Madingley Rise, Cambridge CB3 0UD, UK
  • Jonathan Bujak Bujak Research (International), 114 Abbotsford Road, Blackpool, Lancashire FY3 9RY, UK



Triassic successions of the present-day Arctic contain abundant and diverse assemblages of nonmarine palynomorphs that have provided important biostratigraphic information. Dinoflagellate cyst are biostratigraphically useful in marine intervals in the Upper Triassic. Based on published records, we present a compilation of 78 last occurrences (LOs), first occurrences (FOs), and some abundance events that are anticipated to have correlation potential in the Arctic region. Palynological work has been carried out in many Arctic areas, with extensive palynological research published on the Triassic successions of the Norwegian Barents Sea and Svalbard. An updated, recent palynological zonation scheme exists for that region, integrating previous schemes and illustrating the chronostratigraphic value of palynology in the Triassic. For the Lower and Middle Triassic, good ammonoid control ties the palynological zones to the chronostratigraphic scale. Independent control is sparse, and resolution is lower in the Upper Triassic, so that palynology is commonly the only biostratigraphic discipline available for chronostratigraphic dating and correlation.


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