Volume 10, Spring/Printemps 1980

Table of Contents

Front Matter


Martha Eckmann Brent

Special Report / Rapport spécial

Victoria Dickenson, Valerie Kolonel

Reviews / Comptes rendus

Clement W. Crowell, The Novascotiaman
Rosemary E. Ommer
Jean-Claude Dupont, Histoire populaire de l'Acadie
Clarence LeBreton
Michel Gaumond et Paul-Louis Martin, Les maîtres-potiers du bourg Saint-Denis, 1785-1888
Corneliu Kirjan
Bernard Genest et al., Les artisans traditionnels de l'est du Québec
Jean-Pierre Hardy
Paul B. Kebabian and Dudley Whitney, American Woodworking Tools
Martin E. Weaver
Ray MacKean and Robert Percival, The Little Boats: Inshore Fishing Craft of Atlantic Canada
David A. Taylor
Ruth McKendry, Quilts and Other Bed Coverings in the Canadian Tradition
Leslie Maitland
Marcel Moussette, La pêche sur le Saint-Laurent: Répertoire des méthodes et des engins de capture
Corneliu Kirjan
David L. Newlands, Early Ontario Potters: Their Craft and Trade
Elizabeth Collard
Loris S. Russell, Handy Things to Have Around the House
Hilary Abrahamson
Jeffrey J. Spalding, Silversmithing in Canadian History
Tara Nanavati
Sheila Stevenson, Colchester Furniture Makers - A Study by the Colchester Historical Museum of Colchester County 19th Century Furniture Makers and Their Work
David L. Myles
Donald Blake Webster, English-Canadian Furniture of the Georgian Period
Benno Forman

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves
Marie Elwood, David Skene-Melvin, Corneliu Kirjan
Contributors / Collaborateurs
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