Volume 29 (2009)

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Table of Contents



Marc Gionet
Patrick Anderson
Giorgio Gallo, Arturo Marzano
Helmut Muller-Enbergs
David A. Charters
Sundri Khalsa
Emily Spencer
David T. MacLeod
Volker Franke, Marc Von Boemcken
James H. Willbanks
Christian Breede
Erin Gibbs Van Brunschot, Leslie W. Kennedy

Book Reviews

James W. Jones. Blood That Cries Out from the Earth: The Psychology of Religious Terrorism
Anthony F. Lemieux
Amalendu Misra. Politics of Civil Wars: Conflict, Intervention, and Resolution
Jeffrey Dixon
Ellen Lust-Okar. Structuring Conflict in the Arab World
Faten Ghosn
Athena S. Leoussi and Steven Crosby, ed. Nationalism and Ethnosymbolism: History, Culture and Ethnicity in the Formation of Nations
Yves Laberge
Trita Parsi. Treacherous Alliance: The Secret Dealings of Israel, Iran, and the U.S.
Maurice Labelle
Andrew Kydd. Trust and Mistrust in International Relations
Philip Arena
Kevin Narizny. The Political Economy of Grand Strategy
Jeff Carter
Gary J. Bass. Freedom’s Battle: The Origins of Humanitarian Intervention
James G. Mellon
Michael Newman. Humanitarian Intervention: Confronting the Contradictions
Eric A. Heinze
William G. Howell and Jon C. Pevehouse. While Dangers Gather: Congressional Checks on Presidential War Powers
David Brulé