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Vol. 23 No. 1 (2020)

L’effet de la tablette tactile sur l’acquisition des relations sémantiques

July 27, 2018


This article compares the use of two different modalities, the digital tablet, and paper, in the acquisition of semantic relationships during the lexical research community approach. The lexical research community approach for teaching-learning semantic relationships is dialogical and multimodal (Lavoie, Pellerin, Brel-Cloutier & Beauparlant, 2019). This article addresses the question: does the modality (paper or digital tablet) for producing the heuristic lexical map influence the acquisition of semantic relationships? 31 students (paper group) and 32 students (tablet group) in grade three at a primary school participated in the study. This study took place in an economically disadvantaged and multilingual environment. The quantitative results indicate that using a video screen capture application on a tablet does not influence the acquisition of semantic relationships. On the other hand, verbalization provided by the screen capture video application on the tablet facilitates the acquisition of thematic words. After 4 cycles of the lexical research community approach, the average of the two groups improved in terms of semantic relationships regardless of the modality used.