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Vol. 5 No. 1 (2002)

Recherche collaborative musique/arts/langue en milieu linguistique minoritaires: Apprentissage interdisciplinaire et développement de l'identité

  • Anne Lowe
October 15, 2012


The purpose of this study was to determine the contextual elements that contribute to a successful experience evidenced by both research and practice cultures as a result of the integration of music and other art forms into a second grade French first language curriculum. In order to define the integrated experience as successful, it was also necessary to determine whether the interdisciplinary music/arts/language learning strategies reinforced both the learning of French and the arts. In addition, since this study was ventured in a francophone minority community, it was deemed necessary to examine if the interdisciplinary music/arts/language teaching had an impact on the perception of belonging to and identifying with the French minority population and the motivation to learn and to speak French in everyday living. The qualitative and quantitative data revealed that the students learned in French, music, dance, dramatic arts, visual arts and in science and that there was a change in their perception of belonging and identifying to the francophone population and in their motivation to learn and to speak French in their daily lives. Furthermore, the activities and pedagogical strategies utilized during the interventions, the attitudes of the participants and the encouragement of the community contributed to the success of this interdisciplinary experience.