Permian palynoevents in the circum-Arctic region


  • Gunn Mangerud Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen, Allégaten 41 N-5007, Bergen, Norway
  • Niall W. Paterson CASP, West Building Madingley Rise, Cambridge CB3 0UD, UK
  • Jonathan Bujak Bujak Research (International), 114 Abbotsford Road, Blackpool, Lancashire FY3 9RY, UK



Permian palynofloras are recorded around the present-day Arctic and are typically dominated by taeniate and non-taeniate pollen, with intervals of spore domination. The assemblages show close similarities around the Arctic. Based on the published record, we present a compilation of 23 last occurrences (LOs), first occurrences (FOs), and some abundance events. These are anticipated to have regional correlation potential. In general, the Permian palynofloras of the Arctic have not been extensively studied, and the resolution is low due to a general lack of independent age control.


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