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Vol 13 No 3 (1977)

Airphoto Lineaments in the Caledonia Area of Southern New Brunswick

October 31, 2006
December 1, 1977


A system of photogeologic interpretation has been applied on a regional scale in the Caledonia area of New Brunswick, Canada, The orientation of about 700 photolineaments has been measured and their distribution analysed. A statistical partitioning technique applied to the whole region produced six major trends with the strongest trends occurring at 097o±7o, 165o±6o and 141o±9o . None of the strong trends coincides with the orientation of major faults in the area. Detailed examination of structural domains suggests the presence of more than six lineament trends. Correlation of trends from domain to domain is difficult and the genetic significance of lineaments in view of the scarcity of ground information remains in doubt.