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About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Acadiensis was established in 1971 in order to promote the study of the history of Atlantic Canada. From the beginning, the region and its history have been broadly defined. The scope includes not only the territory of Canada's four Atlantic Provinces but also northern New England, the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the North Atlantic as they impinge on the history of the region. Contributors have included historians (who account for the largest single group of authors) as well as specialists in historical geography, economic history, folklore, literature, political science, anthropology, sociology, law and other fields. Comparative studies dealing with more than one region are also welcome. Articles are accepted and published in either English or French.

Publication Frequency

Acadiensis currently publishes two issues per year, a Winter-Spring issue and a Summer-Autumn issue.

"About Acadiensis"

Established in 1971, Acadiensis is a journal of regional history devoted to the study of Atlantic Canada. The essential source for reading and research on the region, Acadiensis is one of Canada's leading scholarly journals, we publish:

  • Research Articles - present original research by scholars in regional studies, including history, geography, political science, folklore, literature, sociology, economics, and other areas.
  • Research Notes and Documents - offer insights into new sources and neglected areas of investigation.
  • Present and Past Essays - take up issues of contemporary concern and offer critical insight from a historical perspective.
  • Review Essays - focus on recent publications and major issues in Canadian and Atlantic Region studies.
  • Forums - present discussions by scholars who approach a common subject from differing perspectives.
  • Historiographic Commentaries - scholarly reflections on important historiographic issues.

Acadiensis is a member of the Atlantic Publishers' Marketing Association, the Canadian Association of Learned Journals and the Canadian Magazine Publishers' Association. Acadiensis Press publishes books on the history and culture of Atlantic Canada. Journal subscribers receive a 20 per cent discount.

The following papers discuss the history of the journal: 1. P.A. Buckner, "Acadiensis II", Acadiensis, I, 1 (Autumn 1971), pp. 3-9. 2. David Frank, "Acadiensis, 1901-1999", paper presented to the Organization of American Historians, Toronto, 1999.