A journal of regional history devoted to the study of Atlantic Canada. The essential source for reading and research on the region, Acadiensis is one of Canada's leading scholarly journals.

"a host of valuable articles on the Atlantic area . . .
a veritable renaissance in Maritime regional history"

- J.M.S. Careless, University of Toronto

"a total rewriting of Atlantic Canadian history"
- G.S. Kealey, University of New Brunswick

"a tremendous incentive to historical studies in Atlantic Canada . . .
a first-rate historical journal"

- W.G. Godfrey, Mount Allison University

"one of the most exciting historical periodicals in the country"
- Carl Berger, The Writing of Canadian History

"some of the finest articles being written today in Canadian history"
- D.A. Muise, A Reader's Guide to Canadian History



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A Calendar of Life in a Narrow Valley:
Jacobina Campbell's Diary,
Taymouth, New Brunswick, 1825-1843

Edited and Introduced by D. Murray Young and Gail G. Campbell
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