Volume 9 Number 1 / Spring 1988

Table of Contents


Robert C. Nunn
Paulette Collet
Alan Hughes
Richard Paul Knowles
Robert G. Lawrence
Denyse Lynde

Reviews / Comptes Rendus

Reavley Gair, ed. with Richard Guerin, Robert Whalen and Henri Dominique Paratte. A Literary and Linguistic History of New Brunswick
Alan Andrews
Nancy Bell, ed. Five From the Fringe; Denis Salter, ed. New Canadian Drama 3: Albertan Dramatists
Moira Day
Christopher Innes. The Canadian Dramatist, Vol I. Politics and the Playwright: George Ryga
James Hoffman
Jonathan M. Weiss. French-Canadian Theater
Jane Koustas
James H. Marsh, ed. The Canadian Encyclopedia
James Noonan


A Study of Ontario's Performing Arts Resources
Wendy Warnken
Contributors / Collaborateurs