Volume 32, Number 2 (2011)

Table of Contents

Front Matter
Introduction: Everything New is New Again (and again, and again...)
Bruce Barton, Bruce Kirkley
Introduction: Tout ce qui est nouveau redevient nouveau (encore et encore et encore...)
Bruce Barton, Bruce Kirkley


Jean-Marc Larrue
Kathleen Irwin
Dimitry Senyshyn


Coherent Confusion and Intentional Accidents: bluemouth inc.'s Dance Marathon
Bruce Barton

Book Reviews / Comptes Rendus

S. Bay-Cheng, C. Kattenbelt, A. Lavender, and R. Nelson. Mapping Intermediality in Performance.
Marine-Christine Lesage
Kym Bird. Redressing the Past: The Politics of Early English-Canadian Women's Drama, 1880-1920; Shelley Scott. Nightwood Theatre: A Woman's Work is Always Done.
Rebecca Burton
Patrick Caux and Bernard Gilbert. Trans. Neil Kroetsch. Ex Machina: Creating for the Stage.
James Reynolds
Bruce Barton, Natalie Corbett, Birgit Schreyer Duarte, and Keren Zaiontz, eds. New Canadian Drama: Volume 9: Canadian Devised Theatre: Reluctant Texts from Exuberant Performance.
Daniel Mroz
Collaborateurs / Contributors
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