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Vol. 14 No. 1 (2022): The Acadians and Wəlastəkokewiyik of the Wəlastəq/ Rivière Saint-Jean and other “Shared Spaces”

Les Représentations Littéraires de la Déportation dans la Région de la Rivière Saint-Jean

June 19, 2022


In the manner of Longfellow’s Evangeline, most of the narrative literature associated with the Deportation takes place in the Grand-Pré and Minas Basin regions. But what of the Deportation narratives of Sainte-Anne and the Saint-John River coast? Several authors have written works that take place in part or in whole in this area. These often little-known works of fiction express the authors’ personal views stemming from imagination, inventiveness and writing styles that narrate the horrendous events that have shaped the soul of Acadie. These works by authors Léon Ville, Antoine-J. Léger, Antonine Maillet, Jules Boudreau and Georgette LeBlanc need to be dusted off and reread for their novel vision of the Deportation within a region where every effort has been made to obliterate its memory.