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JNBS/RÉNB is an online, multidisciplinary journal that publishes peer-reviewed research about New Brunswick in English and French. The only such journal of its kind in New Brunswick, JNBS/RÉNB is a forum for ideas and debate about the province and its place in wider Canadian and global contexts. Our aim is to publish thoughtful writing that engages a broad readership in ongoing conversations about the province.


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  • 2023-02-13

    Le prix du livre académique du Nouveau-Brunswick, 2023

    le prix du livre académique du Nouveau-Brunswick vise à reconnaître les qualités d’érudition dans les domaines des humanités et des sciences sociales faisant progresser nos connaissances et notre compréhension de la province du Nouveau-Brunswick. Parrainé par la Revue d’études sur le Nouveau-Brunswick/Journal of New Brunswick Studies (RÉNB/JNBS), le prix a une valeur de 250 $. Le ou la récipiendaire du prix aura également l’opportunité d’enregistrer un balado au sujet de son livre qui sera publié sur le site web de la RÉNB/JNBS. 

    Les critères d’éligibilité 

  • 2023-02-13

    The New Brunswick Scholarly Book Award, 2023

    The New Brunswick Scholarly Book Award recognizes exceptional scholarship in the humanities and social sciences that advances our knowledge and understanding of the province of New Brunswick. Sponsored by the Journal of New Brunswick Studies/Revue d’études sur le Nouveau-Brunswick (JNBS/RÉNB), the award carries a value of $250. The recipient of the award will also be given the opportunity to record a podcast about their book which will be posted to the JNBS/RÉNB website.

    Eligibility requirements. 

  • 2022-11-07

    New Brunswick Scholarly Book Award Winner

    While the committee was impressed with the quality of books submitted for the New Brunswick Scholarly Book Award, Alan MacEachern’s The Miramichi Fire: A History (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2020) was selected as this year’s winner. Not only does MacEachern’s comprehensive archival research delve deeply into provincial history, economics, and lore, but it also brings environmental, climatic, and hydrological understandings to bear on how such conflagrations start and spread; how they change ecosystems, work patterns, and populations; and how they are remembered in the popular imagination. As such, the book makes important contributions to our understanding of New Brunswick’s resource-dependent culture, both past and present. The book is thoroughly researched and written in a style that is scholarly and at times playful in its presentation of the facts and stories that have accompanied this momentous event in provincial history.                                                                                                                                                                                             

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Published August 25, 2023

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