Interactions dans les medias sociaux entre le gouvernement et les internautes pendant la crise de verglas 2017 au N.-B. : politesse et impolitesse

Natalie Melanson Breau, Sylvia Kasparian


The signs of politeness and rudeness - Face Threatening Acts (FTA) and Face Flattering Acts (FFA) - govern everyday conversations and interpersonal relationships (Brown and Levinson 1987; Kerbrat-Orecchioni 1996). In this work, we will look at these signs in social media during a specific event - an ice storm that paralyzed New Brunswick. More specifically, we answer the following research question: what are the signs of politeness and rudeness found in conversations initiated by government entities on social media during the ice storm that hit New Brunswick in January/February of 2017? By identifying and analyzing FTAs and FFAs among the 695 listed publications, we bring an original perspective to the construction and negotiation of the relationship between government and citizens via social media.

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