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Vol. 9 No. 2 (2006)

La transcription phonétique du dictionnaire Franqus

  • Denis Dumas
October 15, 2012


The phonetic transcription in the Franqus dictionary will obey two principles: first realism, to warrant its own representativity and social legitimacy; second, economy, to assure its consistency and to avoid unnecessary redundancy. Will be included all distinctive traits (e.g. the historical long vowels /E:, A/), and will be excluded all automatic variations such as dental assibilation. Also included are traits that, while nondistinctive, are invariable, such as intramorphemic prevocalic glides (e.g. the always monosyllabic words pied, puis, fouine, etc.). Morphology will be implied, particularly in the realization of schwa (according to suffixes such as           -ment) or in the behaviour of certain prefixes (dis-, . . . o- final prefixes). Special attention will be given to “paradoxical” schwas (which should or could be deleted but never are) as well as to the local adaptation of anglicisms. In sum, the transcriptions will integrate overall structural facts pertaining to the phonology, morphology and lexicon specific to this language variety.