Call for papers: Fear in Education - deadline extended

Each of us, as student or teacher has dealt with fear. Each of us has a story to tell. Yet scholarship on fear and education is rare. It tends to fall under other important educational issues such as stress, bullying, and rejection; or, it is the purview of psychology, and political sciences. But in high stakes environments for students, teachers, parents, and other education staff, the shadow of fear looms large: failure, the unknown, truth, not knowing enough, hurting, teaching poorly, students, and fear of fear.

Is there an element of risk that is important for honest dialogue in education? For example, questioning one’s own convictions, participating in constructive criticism, pursuing inquiry beyond ideological enclaves. If there is an element of risk that is important for education, does sterilizing the educational process from risk—and the fears that may accompany it—undercut our educational possibilities in some way? But is fear only negative? How can fear motivate? Do students and teachers seek out fearful content? Can fear be harnessed for education? Is fear essential to learning?

In the upcoming issue of Antistasis, we propose to explore, from a multidisciplinary perspective, the place of fear in education. We invite scholars in Education and beyond to surmount their anxieties and submit short papers that analyze the various facets of fear in education to feed off this emotion.

Concise papers of 2000 - 4000 words in length, including notes and references, are due Thursday February 1, 2018 and should be accompanied by a short biographical note on the author/s. 


Co-editors for this issue:

Dr. Ronald Weed (Department of Philosophy, UNB)

Samuel LeBlanc (Faculty of Education, UNB)