Focus and Scope

Antistasis: An Open Educational Journal is a semi-annual publication. It constitutes an attempt to curate a public discussion about education envisaged, in its broadest sense, as a public good.

Each issue engages a specific theme within the broader scope of education, approaching it with short articles written for a public audience. The principal aim of this journal publication is to cultivate a forum for the discussion and dissemination of educational ideas, research, and developments to the general public, not only to academics.

The audience for this journal includes, but not be limited to, academics, graduate students, teacher candidates, educators, and administrators. Authors should assume that the audience is not familiar with the theory, jargon, or literature that characterizes distinct fields of academic writing.

Each issue is curated by one or more guest editors, who have broad leeway in setting the theme of the issue, as well as making editorial decisions such as manuscript length and the nature of the peer review process (if any) for that particular issue.

Authors should read the "Announcements" page to determine (a) the theme of the upcoming issue of the journal, (b) the page limits for submissions to that issue (typically set at 1000 - 1500 words, although it varies from issue to issue), and (c) whether or not submissions to a particular issue will be peer reviewed.

Individuals wishing to propose a theme for a future issue and/or to serve as a guest editor for that issue should contact the Editor in Chief for the journal.