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Volume 33, Number 2 (2008)

An Equal-Opportunity Satirist: An Interview with Edward Riche

March 31, 2009


Award-winning Newfoundland novelist, screenwriter, and playwright Edward Riche recounts his upbringing in St. John's and his time studying film at Concordia University. He discusses several issues touching Newfoundland culture, including the virtues of the relatively small St. John's artistic community, Confederation, the collapse of the fisheries, globalization, and the recent boom in the Atlantic Canadian novel. Many of these issues, along with the unfortunate necessity of tourism for Newfoundland's economy, are also explored in Riche's writing, such as his novels Rare Birds (1997) and The Nine Planets (2004). Finally, he discusses his own writerly versatility and the different processes entailed in writing for different venues, including his adapting of Rare Birds for film.