Narrative Works

Narrative Works is an online, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal developed by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Narrative at St.Thomas University.  Narrative Works is a venue for disseminating scholarly work related to narrative that does not fit neatly within established disciplines,  publishing work by theorists, researchers, and practitioners working on a wide spectrum of topics that cut across conventional academic boundaries.


Editorial Board

Andrew Achenbaum, PhD (History), University of Houston, US

Molly Andrews, PhD (Sociology), University of East London, UK

Robert Atkinson, PhD (Human Development), University of Southern Maine, US

Clive Baldwin, PhD (Social Work), Canada Research Chair in Narrative Studies, St. Thomas University, CA

Ernst Bohlmeijer, PhD (Psychology), University of Twente, NL

Jens Brockmeier, PhD (Psychology/Philosophy), University of Manitoba, CA

Catrina Brown, PhD (Social Work), Dalhousie University, CA

Jean Clandinin, PhD (Education), University of Alberta, CA

David Epston, MA (Social Work), Family Therapy Center, NZ

Arthur Frank, PhD (Sociology), Emeritus, University of Calgary, CA

Dolores Furlong, PhD (Nursing), University of New Brunswick, CA

Frits de Lange, PhD (Ethics), Protestant Theological University, NL

Kate de Medeiros, PhD (Gerontology), Miami University, US

Mark Freeman, PhD (Psychology), College of the Holy Cross, US

Kenneth Gergen, PhD (Psychology), Swarthmore College, US

Mary Gergen, PhD (Psychology), Emeritas, Pennsylvania State University, US

Anne Hewson, EdD (Drama Education), St. Thomas University CA

Matti Hyvärinen, PhD (Sociology/Social Psychology), University of Tampere, FI

Ruthellen Josselson, PhD (Psychology), Fielding Graduate University, US

Irene Karpiak, PhD (Education), University of Oklahoma, US

Gary Kenyon, PhD (Gerontology), St.Thomas University, CA

Khurram Khurshid, PhD (English), Jazan University, SA

David Kuhl, MD, PhD (Medicine), University of British Columbia, CA

Michelle Lafrance, PhD (Psychology), St.Thomas University, CA

Amia Lieblich, PhD (Psychology), Hebrew University, IL

Stephan Marks, PhD (Political Science, Psychology, History), University of Education, DE

Deidre McCloskey, PhD (Economics, History, English, Communications), University of Illinois at Chicago, US

Suzanne McKenzie-Mohr, PhD (Social Work), St.Thomas University, CA

Harry R. Moody, PhD (Philosophy), Fielding Graduate University, US

Chaim Noy, PhD (Communication), University of South Florida, US

Cassandra Phoenix, PhD (Sport & Exercise), European Centre for Environment and Human Health, UK

Ruth Ray, PhD (Communications/Gerontology), Wayne State University, US

Ellen Rose, PhD (Education), University of New Brunswick, CA

Marsha Rossiter, PhD (Education), University of Wisconsin, US

Brian Schiff, PhD (Psychology), American University of Paris, FR

Brett Smith, PhD (Sport & Exercise), Loughborough University, UK

Gabriela Spector-Mersel, PhD (Social Work & Gerontology), Sapir College, IL

Ulrich Teucher, PhD (Comparative Literature/Psychology), University of Saskatchewan, CA

Linda Turner, PhD (Social Work), Algoma University, CA

Jeffrey Webster, MEd (Psychology), Langara College, CA

Gerben Westerhof, PhD (Psychology), University of Twente, NL

Kathleen Woodward, PhD (English), University of Washington, US

Anne Wyatt-Brown, PhD (Linguistics), University of Florida, US