Volume 8 (2017)

Table of Contents

Health Care in New Brunswick: The Elephant in the Room (as if we needed another elephant)
Tony Tremblay

Photo Essay

Some Historical Images of Health Care in New Brunswick
Joshua Green

Invited Essays / Essais sollicités

Ken McGeorge, Thomas M.J. Bateman
Opening the Door: A Much-Needed Dialogue on Current Health Care Delivery
Penny Ericson


Sasha Mullally, Katherine MacDonald
Neeru Gupta
Paul Peters
Jane Jenkins
Pat Charlton, Rima Azar, Alison Luke, Shelley Doucet, William Montelpare, Daniel Nagel, Nicky Hyndman, Kate Thompson
Yvonne Anisimowicz, Baukje Miedema, Julie Easley, Andrea E. Bowes
Priscilla Medeiros

Book Reviews

Review of Richard Saillant, A Tale of Two Countries: How the Great Demographic Imbalance Is Pulling Canada Apart. Halifax: Nimbus, 2016.
Thomas M.J. Bateman