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New Brunswick Scholarly Book Award


The Award & Eligibility

Description: The New Brunswick Scholarly Book Award recognizes exceptional scholarship in the humanities and social sciences that advances our knowledge and understanding of the province of New Brunswick. Sponsored by the Journal of New Brunswick Studies/Revue d’études sur le Nouveau-Brunswick (JNBS/RÉNB), the award carries a value of $250. The recipient of the award will also be given the opportunity to record a podcast about their book which will be posted to the JNBS/RÉNB website. Eligibility requirements are listed below.

Eligibility: Humanities and social sciences monographs and edited collections of previously unpublished work that is thematically integrated are eligible. For edited collections, a minimum of 50% of the content must focus on New Brunswick. Work without critical, theoretical, or research apparatus; creative non-fiction; reference materials (manuals, encyclopedias, translations, guides, conference proceedings); and special issues of journals are not eligible.

Authorship: Eligible books may be written by one or more authors.

Focus: New Brunswick must be the central focus of the research, and the research must fall under one of the disciplines of the humanities and social sciences. In broadening the scope of the SSHRC umbrella, JNBS/RÉNB will also consider books that have primarily humanist application. Those might include, but are not limited to, scientific studies on climate change in New Brunswick, economic studies on labour trends in New Brunswick, medical studies on health care reform in New Brunswick. Comparative studies are welcome as long as New Brunswick is the principal against which others are compared. Comparative studies that treat New Brunswick as on par with other provinces (that is, in a regional or federated sense) are not eligible.

Languages: Scholarly books written in English, French, or one of the Indigenous languages of New Brunswick are eligible.

Nomination & Adjudication Process: Publishers or authors may submit a book for the award published within the preceding two years (2020-2022). A book may be nominated only once. To be eligible for the award, publishers or authors must send four (4) copies of the book being nominated to the Editor of JNBS/RÉNB no later than May 2, 2022. Dr. Michael Boudreau, Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice, St. Thomas University, 51 Dineen Dr., Fredericton, NB, Canada, E3B 5G3.

Once the books are received, the Editor will convene the award committee and oversee its work.

The award committee will consist of at least three members chosen from the JNBS/RÉNB Editorial and/or Advisory Boards as well as the larger community of scholars of New Brunswick. The award committee reserves the right not to award the prize in any given competition. There will be no appeals of the decision of the committee.

Criteria of assessment will include critical and theoretical rigour; originality; degree to which the work advances knowledge of New Brunswick; quality of writing and presentation; and scope of undertaking.

Announcement of Award: The New Brunswick Scholarly Book Award will normally be announced in association with the release of the Fall issue of the journal. The announcement will name the winner and the short list. Publishers and authors of the winning and short-listed books will be encouraged to mention the award in publicizing their work.

Contact: For more information about the New Brunswick Scholarly Book Award, contact the Editor of JNBS/RÉNB at