Vol 19, No 1 (1999)

Table of Contents


Managing Conflicts Non-Violently Through Preventive Action: The Case of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Alice Ackermann
Humanitarian Intervention and the Rwandan Genocide
D. R.L. Ludlow
Sub-Regional Solutions for African Conflict: The ECOMOG Experiment
Michelle Pitts
Virtual Intelligence: Conflict Avoidance and Resolution Through Information Peacekeeping
Robert David Steele
Cultural Security Dilemmas and Ethnic Conflict in Georgia
John M. Cotter

Review Essays

UN Peacekeeping Operations
Richard Dale
Making Peacekeeping More Effective
Carolyn M. Shaw
The Media and Peace Operations
Deborah Goodwin
Conflict in Chechnya
G. P. Armstrong
Musevenis War and the Ugandan Conflict
Thomas P. Ofcansky
US Special Operations Forces
James Kiras
The Causes of War
John Nelson Rickard

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