Volume 34, Number 2 (2007)

Table of Contents

Workshop Report

The State of Earth Science Outreach in Canada and an Action Plan for the Future: Results of a Session and Workshop Held in Yellowknife, N.W.T., May 24-27, 2007
Godfrey S. Nowlan, Donna Schreiner


George J. Simandl, Suzanne Paradis, Melanie Irvine
Keith Dewing


Geoscience Literature: Greater Volume – Less Access or Ignorants in the Sea of Knowledge
Peter Laznicka


Disposal of Hazardous Waste in Underground Mines
Ivan Dimitrov
Magnetic Fabric: Methods and Applications
Randolph J. Enkin
Fine Wine and Terroir: The Geoscience Perspective
R. A. Wilson
William E. Logan’s 1845 Survey of the Upper Ottawa Valley
Christy Vodden


Geological Association of Canada (2007-2008)
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