Geoscience Canada

Geoscience Canada is the journal of the Geological Association of Canada (GAC).

The goal of Geoscience Canada was stated by Gerry Middleton in the very first issue in 1974. He wrote:

"The basic policy of this new magazine... will be to print general-interest articles about the earth sciences in Canada, or about developments in the earth sciences outside Canada, which are likely to be of special interest to Canadians. These articles will be written at a technical level that can be understood not only by specialist research workers but also by non-specialists in other branches of the earth sciences."


*Volumes 1 through 35 are freely available (click on "Archives" on the top menu). Volumes 36 through the current volume are available by subscription only.

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Geoscience Canada - Open Access Policy


Volumes 1 through 40 are open access; Volume 41 through to the current volume are available by subscription only.

Geoscience Canada is moving toward providing authors with the opportunity to comply with "open access" requirements.  Effective with Volume 43 (2016), papers published in the journal will be "open access" 24 months after they appear in the journal.  If authors want immediate "open access", the charge will be $1000 + $100/per page.
Open access after 12 months will be $500 + $50/per page.  Papers published in the current volume (42 - 2015) will become "open access" two years after publication.
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