Volume 2, Number 1 / Spring 1981

Table of Contents


Three Moments in Quebec Theatre History: Les Faux Brillants by Félix-Gabriel Marchand and by Jean-Claude Germain
Louise H. Forsyth
Beyond Naturalism: Tyrone Guthrie's Radio Theatre and the Stage Production of Shakespeare
Howard Fink
Jeff, A Play, 'Suggested by Stephen Leacock'
Robert G. Lawrence
Change in Vancouver Theatre, 1963-80
Malcolm Page
Contributors / Collaborateurs

Reviews / Comptes Rendus

Jean-Cléo Godin and Laurent Mailhot. Théâtre québécois II, nouveaux auteurs, autres spectacles
Guy Beaulne
David Fennario. On the Job and Nothing to Lose
Terry Goldie
Annette Saint-Pierre. Le rideau se lève au Manitoba
Michael Klementowicz
James Reaney. Wacousta!
Mary Jane Miller
Gratien Gélinas. Les Fridolinades, 1945 et 1946
Renate Usmiani