Volume 5 Number 1 / Spring 1984

Table of Contents


Denis Salter
Richard Paul Knowles
Mary Jane Miller
Robert C. Nunn

Reviews / Comptes Rendus

L.W. Conolly, ed. Theatrical Touring and Founding in North America
Alan Hughes
Chad Evans. Frontier Theatre
James S. Moy
Arnold Edinborough. The Festivals of Canada
Ross Stuart
Monique Genuist. Languirand et l'absurde
Ingrid Joubert
Renate Usmiani. Michel Tremblay
Judy Rudakoff
John Orrell. Fallen Empires: The Lost Theatres of Edmonton
Robert Fairfield
Anton Wagner, ed. The Brock Bibliography of Published Canadian Plays in English, 1766 to 1978
Gordon Peacock


Lois Reynolds Kerr
Contributors / Collaborateurs