Volume 31, Number 2 (2010)

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Introduction: Marie Clements
Reid Gilbert
Présentation: Marie Clements
Reid Gilbert
Speaking Up, Speaking Out, Or Speaking Back: The Signposts Are In The Right Direction
Michelle La Flamme
Michelle La Flamme
Sheila Rabillard
Karen Bamford
Erin Wunker
Giorgia Severini
Nelson Gray

Book Reviews / Comptes Rendus

Robin C. Whittaker, ed. Hot Thespian Action!: 10 Premiere Plays from Walterdale Playhouse
Nicholas Hanson
Monique Mohica and Ric Knowles, eds. Staging Coyote's Dream: An Anthology of First Nations Drama in English, Vol. I and Vol. II
Annie Smith
Sherrill Grace and Jerry Wasserman, eds. Theatre and AutoBiography: Writing and Performing Lives in Theory and Practice
Jenn Stephenson
Ric Knowles, ed. The Shakespeare's Mine: Adapting Shakespeare in Anglophone Canada; Leanore Lieblein, ed. A Certain William: Adapting Shakespeare in Francophone Canada
Peter Kuling
Contributors / Collaborateurs
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