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Notes and Commentaries

Volume 11, Number 2 (1986)

A Letter from Sir Charles G.D. Roberts (A Personal Memoir)

  • Diana Skala
May 22, 2008


Skala recounts her first and subsequent meetings with Charles G.D. Roberts whom she met when he was in his late seventies, and she in her teens. Roberts was a man of paradox, an author of emotionally-distanced verse yet a man of strong sentiment. He was a chameleon, a person who was everything to everybody; he played the role of gentle poet, mentor, and editor; he was a husband, father, and friend. He wrote about unique characters, animal or human, and he was quite naturally an elitist, though his "elite" could have been chosen from all ranks of society, and, indeed, from all societies. Also discussed are some of the critical views on Roberts' work, praiseworthy and not, as well as Roberts' own critical assessment of Skala's early verse.