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Volume 10, Number 1 (1985)

SCL Interviews: Fred Cogswell

  • David Galloway
May 22, 2008


Cogswell talks about why he writes poetry; how his early reading influenced his life and work; the climate of the University of New Brunswick after World War II; the early years of The Fiddlehead; the poetic forms in which he is comfortable writing; the difficulty of communication -- getting across one's ideas -- in modern times; the effect the 1960s had on literature; the reality of death and its effect on his writing; the strengths and weaknesses of his own work; translation; which of his own books he values most; the effect criticism has upon him; the effects his personal relationships have had on his work; the state of contemporary literature versus that of the late 1940s and early 1950s; how well past Canadian poets will stand the test of time; the great need of Canadian literature; The Literary History of Canada; his most rewarding period at the University of New Brunswick; the present political and economic climate and its effect on publishing; and the university environment and its effect on his own work.