Unpacking A Moment: Decolonization in the Performing Arts?

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Pearse, D. L. ., Acquin, A., Attas, R., & Waltner, A. (2019). Unpacking A Moment: Decolonization in the Performing Arts?. MUSICultures, 46(1), 1 - 31. Retrieved from https://journals.lib.unb.ca/index.php/MC/article/view/29344


“The Moment” occurred during an intercultural and interdisciplinary artistic workshop, inspiring a long-term artistic collaboration and many conversations about decolonization in the performing arts. What can we learn about decolonization from the collaboration of Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists and scholars? Our collective analysis and reflection will demonstrate two things: the benefits of and challenges to a careful consideration of respectful collaboration among musicians from different traditions in a post-Truth and Reconciliation Commission context, and new ways of engaging in music research which are collaborative and possibly decolonial.