Volume 7, Number 3 (1980)

The Coast of China

Ying Wang
Department of Geology, Dathousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Geography, University of Nanking, Nanking, China.

Published 1980-08-08

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The 32,000 km coastline of China can be classified into two major types: the bedrock embayed coast and the plains coast. The distribution of these types is controlled by geological and tectonic setting, particularly zones of uplift and subsidence. The sedmentary processes along the coast of China are greatly affected by the large rivers which deliver enormous amounts of sediment. The sediment supplied is redistributed by monsoon waves and tidal currents.Within tropical and subtropical climate zones, the growth of mangrove and corals is also an important factor in coast-line formation. The coastal research in China is combined with various coastal engineering projects, which require information on coastal processes for the installation of port facilities. Thus practical requirements advances the understanding of coastal dynamic geomorphology.