Les classes nominales en pepel


  • Dame Ndao Université Cheikh Anta Diop


This article focuses on nominal classes in Pepel and discusses their variations within the wider context of the prototypical organization of nominal classes in the Niger-Congo. An important language specific property of Pepel concerns the relation between nominal prefixes and the agreement patterns in nouns. Hence, the analysis approaches, first, the agreement schemes; then, the discussion is extended to the system of nominal prefixes. Crucially, we propose an analysis of the nominal class system in terms of lexical inventory rather than in terms of the inflectional morphology of the nominal patterns. The relation between class marks and agreement is not biunivocal in Pepel and the correlation of prefixes to noun agreement properties in the nominal classes system is complex. The use of derivational prefixes to form nouns from verbal and nominal lexemes implies that each derived noun should be assigned to a particular genre.




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